Monday, June 23, 2014

June update

Noah played with the Miracle League back home but this was his first year here.
He was so happy to be back playing baseball.
And even more happy to have a uniform.

Our local Catholic High School ran a Special needs sports camp.
It was their first year to do so.
Every day they had a different sport.
We were so happy to have Noah be apart of this camp.
He loved it and loved the high school kids especially his buddy.
These high school kids were so wonderful and loving. I am so proud of them.
I will forever remember how good they were to our kids.

Noah and Joel on Father' Day at my sister's house.
We had a nice cook out and a visit to a near by farm.

Have not had a chance to get to the base pool yet so just enjoying some back yard fun for now.
Noah loves the slip and slide.
And he loves the kiddie pool too.
We also planted our first garden in some awesome Earth Boxes.
Everything seems to be growing well.

This is our June so far and its been great.


Cheryl said...

Your blog is so lovely and Noah is getting so big! I miss blogging. I should get back to it.

Beverly said...

thanks, Cheryl. I would love to see more of Ruby and family xo